PRESET reveals “THE YOUNG VILLAINS”, the band’s 5th full-length album set to release Winter 2015!

Nearly two years since the release of the band’s last album “MANIFESTO” (released March 12, 2013), PRESET has made their voice heard in the cities of North America, Europe and East Asia spreading their unique sound to fans around the globe. 

"END EUPHORIA -Remastered & Realized-" (releasing October 1, 2014), the band’s take on a revamped version of their first full-length album has pushed PRESET into the creative headspace to work on their next masterpiece. "THE YOUNG VILLAINS" is a follow up album, considered to have similar background inspiration of "MANIFESTO". Their newest album is set to release worldwide Winter 2015!

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*NEW* Biography of PRESET, 2014


Preset (stylized as PRESET) is an American rock band from Seattle, WA formed in 2005 and is currently signed to Island Records UK, a sub-division of Universal Music Group (UMG) and The Norm Records, an independent label based in Japan. As of 2014, they have recorded four full-length albums and eight singles with a line-up consistent since it’s inception. Numerous stylistic changes have made the genre of their music difficult to determine, though it is generally considered to be a form of progressive rock.

PRESET has toured through East Asia, Europe, and North America receiving critical acclaim as one of the best current underground rock bands with international success. It was not until the release of the band’s fourth album Manifesto in 2013 that they have received commercial success; the band peaked at number 10 on the European Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums Chart in the album‘s first week of release. The band also reached the World Top 200 of the Oricon Charts in Japan during the same week. The band has appeared in magazines like Kerrang!, NME and Under The Radar.

2005-2008: Early Career

PRESET was preceded by the independent rock band: Comatose, which included three PRESET members before it disbanded. Drummer Jay Hernandez, bassist Anthony Welsh, guitarist Nick Dunn and newly recruited vocalist Corey K. and guitarist Phillip Dunn (first cousin to Nick) regrouped as a new band in May 2005 and released their first full-length album, End Euphoria, on January 21, 2006 after being signed to Sychro Records. The band has been quoted several times describing the band’s name originally came from the technical term “preset”, but is solely chosen for it’s multiple meanings that would not be specific to most people. Each member is quoted for saying the name has it’s own personal meaning to each member.

With the release of their first full-length album the band independently promoted themselves on many popular social networking websites of the era like MySpace, Purevolume and Livejournal. That following year The Norm Records, a independent Japanese record label had signed the band. PRESET began working on their second full-length album The World Was Weeping, released January 8, 2008. The second full-length album was released in North America, Canada and Japan. In that time frame the band had embarked on their first showcase tour of six tour dates that took place in Japan after the release of the album and singles Cosmopolitan Burden and Triangles.

2009-2013: Forests’ Cradle, Hiatus and World Tour

During 2009 the band began working on their third full-length album and had announced their forthcoming record would be released on August 25, 2009. Before the release of the album the band performed at Fuji Rock Festival in Niigata, Japan on July 25, 2009, making the show the band’s first appearance at a music festival. The following month the band released the third full-length album Forests’ Cradle worldwide and was the first of the band’s library to be made available for download on iTunes. The singles Cosmopolitan Burden, Triangles, and Firm Hands were featured on the album.

Later in 2010 the band had announced they would be holding a small world tour of selected dates to promote the current album and the band’s previous work. Planned tour dates for North America, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan were announced but were soon cancelled due to the band’s unexpected decision to go on a hiatus. Nick Dunn was quoted in a 2011 interview stating “Each band member needed time to sort out priorities. We had a hard time deciding if we should continue PRESET”.

Almost a whole year went by until the band announced their return to music and the release of their sixth single Vengeance on December 13, 2011. After the release of the single the band had announced the promised world tour. The Vengeance Tour 2012-2013 took place in North America, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Japan. The tour kicked off in North America at Sasquatch! Music Festival in George, WA on May 27, 2012. During the tour the band performed at Rock IM Park Music Festival presented by MTV in Nurnberg, Germany; Download Festival in Leicestershire, England and for the second time Fuji Rock Festival. On August 11, 2012 PRESET performed their first sold out headline show at Namba Hatch in Osaka, Japan to 1,500 standing fans.

2013-2014: Manifesto and Throne

On December 12, 2012 the band announced their fourth full-length studio album Manifesto. After the Vengeance Tour came to an end the band released the album on March 12, 2013. Alongside the initial release of the album, a limited CD/DVD of Manifesto was released on the same day. The DVD included a short film directed by PRESET and director Trenton Casteel, a music video for the title track Manifesto as well as a documentation of the band’s tour, making of the album and an exclusive album art booklet. The short film and tour footage aired on MTV Japan the day of the release making it the band’s first televised debut.

In the autumn of 2013 PRESET headlined Manifesto Tour 2013. The tour took place nationwide in North America beginning in October and running until November of that year. In the middle of the tour vocalist Corey K. was diagnosed with tonsillitis which caused the band to cancel five of the eleven remaining shows. He returned home due to doctor’s orders and underwent minor surgery. Corey returned to the tour and completed the remaining shows including the band’s special final show of the tour in the band’s hometown Seattle, WA on November 18, 2013 at the Moore Theater.

On December 17, 2013 PRESET announced via Twitter and Facebook the release of their ninth single Throne. The single is set to be released worldwide on February 25, 2014.


Studio albums
End Euphoria (January 21, 2006), The World Was Weeping (January 8, 2008), Forests’ Cradle (August 25, 2009), Manifesto (2013)

theWASTELAND (2008), The Leak of Autumn (2008), Cosmopolitan Burden (2008), Triangles (2008), Firm Hands (2009), Vengeance (2011), The King of Bleached Bones (2013), Throne (2014)


PRESET kicks off #MANIFESTOTOUR 2013 in North America this October! All upcoming tour dates, & venues announced:

10/16/2013 - House of Blues (#Boston, MA)
10/17/2013 - Gramercy Theatre (#NewYork, NY)
10/18/2013 - Water Street Music Hall (#Rochester, NY)
10/20/2013 - Lincoln Hall (#Chicago, IL)
10/22/2013 - Harpos Concert Theatre (#Detroit, MI)
10/23/2013 - Theatre of Living Arts (#Philadelphia, PA)
10/24/2013 - The Masquerade (#Atlanta, GA)
10/25/2013 - Revolution Live (#Miami, FL)
10/27/2013 - House of Blues (#Houston, TX)
10/30/2013 - Crescent Ballroom (#Phoenix, AZ)
10/31/2013 - Echoplex (#LosAngeles, CA)
11/02/2013 - The Fillmore (#SanFrancisco, CA)
11/04/2013 - Hawthorne Theatre (#Portland, OR)
11/06/2013 - The State Room (#SaltLakeCity, UT)
11/07/2013 - Hard Rock Cafe (#LasVegas, NV)
11/09/2013 - The Republik (#Honolulu, HI)
11/17/2013 - Showbox Sodo (#Seattle, WA)
11/18/2013 - Moore Theatre (Seattle, WA)

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PRESET updates NEW tour dates! Las Vegas and Salt Lake City have been added to the #MANIFESTOTOUR 2013 line up! All upcoming tour dates, changes & venues —

10/16/2013 - #Boston, MA
10/17/2013 - #NewYork, NY
10/18/2013 - #Rochester, NY
10/20/2013 - #Chicago, IL
10/22/2013 - #Detroit, MI
10/23/2013 - #Philadelphia, PA
10/24/2013 - #Atlanta, GA
10/25/2013 - #Miami, FL
10/27/2013 - #Houston, TX
10/30/2013 - #Phoenix, AZ
10/31/2013 - #LosAngeles, CA
11/02/2013 - #SanFrancisco, CA
11/04/2013 - #Portland, OR
11/06/2013 - #SaltLakeCity, UT
11/07/2013 - #LasVegas, NV
11/09/2013 - #Honolulu, HI
11/17/2013 - #Seattle, WA
11/18/2013 - Seattle, WA

For more info about #PRESET and the MANIFESTO TOUR please visit our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Soundcloud pages!

PRESET announces North American tour dates for the #MANIFESTO fall 2013 tour! Dates for #Boston, #New York, #Rochester, #Chicago, #Detroit, #Philadelphia, #Atlanta, #Miami, #Houston, #Phoenix, #LosAngeles, #SanFrancisco, #Portland, #Honolulu and #Seattle have been announced. Tickets to each show will be available through venue websites and PRESET’s official Facebook page. All venues will be announced June 2013. We hope to see you there!

10/16/2013 - Boston, MA
10/17/2013 - New York, NY
10/18/2013 - Rochester, NY
10/20/2013 - Chicago, IL
10/22/2013 - Detroit, MI
10/23/2013 - Philadelphia, PA
10/24/2013 - Atlanta, GA
10/25/2013 - Miami, FL
10/27/2013 - Houston, TX
10/30/2013 - Phoenix, AZ
10/31/2013 - Los Angeles, CA
11/02/2013 - San Francisco, CA
11/04/2013 - Portland, OR
11/09/2013 - Honolulu, HI
11/15/2013 - Seattle, WA
11/16/2013 - Seattle, WA

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